The Benefits Of Hiring A CPA For Your Corporate Tax Needs

If you own a business in the Roanoke, VA area—either a startup, growing business, or well-established business, there are many ways in which turning to a Certified Public Accountant for your tax needs is beneficial. Micah Fraim is a local CPA who can assist with your corporate tax needs, and so much more!

All Tax Related Services

When you turn to Micah Fraim as your Roanoke CPA, you have access to far more than preparing and filing your quarterly business corporate taxes. Micah will create a quarterly and annual tax plan for your business—and can provide all bookkeeping and accounting services too. He has extensive knowledge regarding the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and will ensure you are in compliance with all applicable codes—while maximizing your deductions and credits.

He will also create a tax plan to ensure you are setting aside enough money for your quarterly taxes, and that you time your investments to align with both your tax and financial goals.

Business Planning And Consulting Services

One of the main reasons many small businesses fail, or well-established businesses face financial hardship—is that there is not a solid business plan in place. Whether you are launching a new business, or need to strengthen the financial plan of a preexisting business—Micah will be the unbiased, advisor you require to get things right on track—and keep them there!

He can work with your current business plan, or he can create a new one from scratch. Each quarter, or whichever timeframe you designate, Micah will help you to analyze your momentum—and further identify areas of opportunity for your business. He will also hold you accountable to your financial plans and professional goals.


As a new business owner, you may be unsure of how to properly manage your payroll taxes, and accurately calculate wages, deductions, and withholdings. Even if you are able to manage these elements—you can outsource your payroll to Micah’s payroll specialist to lighten your load. Outsourcing your payroll will save you both time and money, and will eliminate the need to stay up-to-date with all payroll related laws and regulation.

Call CPA Micah Fraim today at (540) 314-0345 to schedule your consultation!

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