Why Choose A Private Firm For Your Tax Needs

Whether you are required to pay taxes quarterly or annually, when tax time rolls around, and you begin searching for someone to prepare and file your taxes—you may be wondering what benefit, if any, there is to working with a private tax firm opposed to a nationwide company. Below are just a few benefits of working with a private tax firm that you will not have access to when working with a nationwide firm—nor a general tax preparer.

Work One-on-One With A Licensed Tax Professional

When you choose a private firm for your tax needs, you will be working with a licensed tax professional who has in-depth knowledge of both State and Federal tax codes. If you have worked with nationwide firms in the past, the odds are you may have only been working with a general tax preparer whose comprehension of the 73,000 IRS Tax Codes pales in comparison to that of a licensed CPA.

A Personalized Approach To Your Taxes

When you hire a private firm, your tax professional will take a personalized approach to your tax needs. They will ask questions far beyond that of a general tax preparer to ensure that you are not paying more in taxes than required. Beyond preparing and filing your taxes, they will also give you suggestions as to how you can best prepare yourself for the next tax season. This includes any new credits or deductions that you may be eligible for, and how to accurately document your deductions.

Access To Full-Service Tax And Financial Services

Another advantage of working with a private tax firm is that you will have access to full-service tax and financial services. This means that as your salary grows, family grows, as well as your interest in both short-term and long-term investments such as real estate or retirement planning—your CPA can help you with your year-round tax and financial planning. A CPA can even assist with Trusts, Estate Planning, Corporate Taxes, and Business Consulting.

If you live in Roanoke, VA and are looking for a private tax firm—simply call CPA Micah Fraim today at (540) 314-0345 to schedule a consultation.

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