The Truth About Nationwide Tax Firms

When tax time arrives, you will find pop-up offices by well-respected nationwide brands everywhere you look. While nationwide brands have the brand recognition, there are a few things you need to understand prior to hiring your tax professional. Below are a few questions you should ask before you make an appointment with a nationwide firm to prepare and file your taxes—and why a private firm may be more suitable for your needs.

Will You Be Working With A Licensed CPA, Or A General Tax Preparer?

A common assumption many of us make is that the individual they are meeting with at a nationwide tax firm is a Certified Public Accountant—when in many cases they are a “general tax preparer.” The difference between the two roles is significant.

While general tax preparers have undergone basic tax preparation training, most only “do” taxes during tax season. They are also only familiar with the most basic of tax codes, and the software they utilize to prepare your taxes is comparable to free online tax software.

A CPA renews their license annually to ensure that they are current with the most recent State and Federal tax codes. This means you can rest assured that all applicable credits and deductions will be fully accounted for.

Do They Have A CPA You Can Work With?

Nationwide tax firms do have CPAs, but most work only with corporate clients—or on personal tax cases for clients who earn over a specified amount of money each year. This is why when you call to schedule your appointment; you are asked a few questions to determine which services you will be scheduled for. You can specifically request a CPA to prepare and file your taxes, but if you do not meet the predetermined criteria—you may simply be denied.

Your taxes and finances should be placed in capable hands, which is why many turn to a trusted independent CPA in Roanoke—who has no “criteria” other than your need to file your quarterly or annual taxes.

If you are searching for a private tax firm in Roanoke, VA—then Micah Fraim is available to assist with both basic and complex tax needs. Call today at (540) 314-0345 to schedule your consultation or appointment!

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